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Interested in our research?

For parents...

The Early Years Reading Lab has many ongoing studies that your child may be eligible for. By participating, you help us gain a better understanding of how visual processes impact early reading development. Children often have positive experiences in our lab and it can be an excellent way for children to have an experience with science. Visits to our facilities usually take around an hour. Children and families are also compensated with an age-appropriate toys, books, and compensation for travel costs.

If you are interested in participating in one of our studies, feel free to contact


For students...


The Early Years Reading Lab accomplishes much of its work with the help of our invaluable volunteers. Volunteer opportunities in our lab are frequent and involve responsibilities that can range from data entry and scoring reading tests to helping hands-on with our EEG data collection or test administration with children. Volunteering in a research lab looks great when applying to graduate programs or jobs. We are interested in students who enjoy working with children, are detail-oriented, and are a team player. If interested, please contact



I am able to supervise students' Honours theses in Psychology, independent student summer projects such as the PURE or URA, as well as graduate studies in School Psychology or Clinical Psychology. If you are interested in working with me at the undergraduate or graduate level, feel free to contact me at


When inquiring about supervision or volunteering, please include an unofficial copy of your transcript, an updated CV or resume, and a statement on your research interests and career plans.




P507 Duff Roblin Building (office)
Department of Psychology
University of Manitoba
190 Dysart Rd.
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
R3T 2N2
Our lab space is located at P440 Duff Roblin Building. The researcher will provide directions when you sign up for a study.
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