Richard Kruk, Ph.D.


  • Ph.D. 1991, University of Toronto
    Functional Consequences of a Transient Visual Processing Deficit in Reading-Disabled Children

  • M.A. 1987, University of Toronto
    An Application of the Generation Effect Paradigm to Second Language Vocabulary Learning in Greek-English Bilinguals

  • B.Sc. Honour’s 1983, University of Toronto
    Processing of Continuous Text on Video Screens

Graduate Students

  • Rebecca Madziak, M.A. student in School Psychology (2020)

  • Francesca Silla, M.A. student in School Psychology (2018 - present)

  • Keaden Shebaylo, M.A. student in School Psychology (2018 - present)

  • Katherine Zinger, M.A. student in School Psychology (2019 - present)


Undergraduate Students

  • Alexis Koffman, Honours thesis student (2020) and PURE Award recipient

  • Carissa Quesada, Honours thesis student (2020)

  • Dominique Ruest, Honours thesis student (2020)

  • Angela Harrison-Blackburn, Honours thesis student (2020)

  • Amila Hoang, Lab Volunteer​


  • Dr. Amy Desroches, Ph.D., The University of Winnipeg

Former Students

Master's (School Psychology)

2019          Kerri Hildebrand

2018          Jie Zhou

2018          Lindsay Rosenberg

2016          Alyse Newman

2015          Ivanna Lukie



2019          Angela Zwaagstra 

2018          Jennifer Carlson

2017          Tabitha Comeau

                   Erica Flaten (PhD student, Psychology, McMaster U.)

                   Leah Holvach

                   Francesca Silla (MA student, School Psychology, UM)

2016           Jake Matheson

                   Carmen Taylor

                   Katharine Zinger (MA student, School Psychology, UM)

2015        Mirna Khalil (school psychologist)

                   Jonathan Berrington (school psychologist)

                   Lindsey Nadon (PhD student, Psychology, Concordia U.)

2014          Kylie Peters (school psychologist; Winner of CPA award for quality of                        honours thesis)

                   Kayla Vincent

2012          Robyn Stefanchuk (school psychologist)

2011          Cameron Penner

                   Cassia Luther Ruban (school psychologist)

                   Heather Yanke

2010          Kristin Klippenstein

                   Jesse Meyer

2009          Krista Bergman (school psychologist)

2008          Courtney Gardiner

                   Keith Moen (school psychologist; premasters)

                   Maxine Mutcher (school psychologist; premasters)

                   Navjot Pachu

2007          Ashley Archuk (school psychologist)

                   Ashley Petrasko

                   Tianna Radons (school psychologist)

                   Kristin Reynolds (faculty member, UM, Clinical Psychology)

2006          Kay Ng

                  Todd Schulz (Winner of CPA award for quality of honours thesis)

2005          Karelia Cribb-Lockhorst

                   Hanna Marczak

                   Alanna Morrissette

                   Shannon Rioch (school psychologist)

2004          Maureen Blahut

                   Jane Ritcher (school psychologist; Recipient of Wm. Ten-Have Prize

                   for best Honours thesis)

2003         Cassandra Loiselle

2002         Phoenix Gillis (clinical psychologist)

2000         Annick Boulet

1999        Stephane Dandeneau (Faculty member, Psychology, UQAM; Nominated                    for Wm. Ten-Have Prize for best Honours thesis)